20 Lessons I Learned in Dental Business Management

By Dr. German Gómez - Online Course

Turn your dental practice into an even more successful dental business by mastering what Dr.German Gómez learned throughout his career.

When we were still studying in our universities, we were not taught the basics of entrepreneurship. But we had to open offices of our own in order to compete.

Some of you are fortunate enough to only have to compete against other "amateurs", e.g. other dentists or physicians, but some of us are in countries where regulations - allow even “taxi drivers” to open up dental offices.

This makes everything all about business and then . . . You. As an end result, you will have to compete with professional entrepreneurs and do the “marketing stuff”.

This course is a short introduction to an entirely different way of thinking for dentists, physicians and all in their teams. These practices are tailored NOT only for dental offices, but also for private physicians’ clinics.

This course is meant to give you an entrepreneurial mindset and ideas about the fundamentals of dental business management, personal branding, marketing and the sales process.

These are just 20 short tips that open up different opportunities and may change the way you do business from hereafter.

Should you be able to implement two or more of these ideas, this will bring you more patients, which means that you will see your revenue increase over the years.

In this course you will start to get a mindset and ideas about the fundamentals of dental business management, personal branding, marketing and the sales process. It is not complete, just 20 short tips, that open up and may change the way you do business until now.

But if you can implement one or two of these ideas, this will bring you more patients, which means much more revenue over the years.

What you will learn

This course introduces you to understand marketing and sales as well as Personal

Branding techniques.

Among many other things you will learn:

  • How to calculate the Value of a New Dental Patient
  • The difference between Dental Marketing vs Dental Sales and Features vs Benefits
  • Why you should Raise your Dental Prices
  • The difference between your Dental Office Mission and Vision Statement
  • How to write your Personal Elevator Pitch
  • The 4 types of Dental Patient
  • Personal Branding Secrets
  • 5 Mistakes Dentists Make
  • 3 reasons why patients buy your treatment
  • Why and how you should do Dental Video Marketing
  • How to handle media and press for your dental office
  • How to stimulate referrals and see a Referral Script
  • A simple idea on how to handle patient's objections
  • Steps to improve your Dental Sales Process

Outline of the Course and each lesson Section

1: Introduction

Lecture 1: Introduction

Section 2: Fundamentals

Lecture 2: How to calculate the Value of a New Dental Patient
Learn how to calculate the lifetime value of a new dental patient

Lecture 3: Difference between Dental Marketing vs Sales and Features vs Benefits Gain awareness of the terms and understand the differences

Lecture 4: Why you should Raise your Prices
Understand, that low prices don ́t mean automatically more patients

Lecture 5: The 4 most important skills in dentistry
4 skills you need and why they are important

Lecture 6: The 4 different types of patients
Get to know the types and learn how to choose the best

Section 3: Personal Branding

Lecture 7: The difference between your Office Mission and Vision Statement Mission and Vision Statement and how to build them for your office

Lecture 8: Fundamentals of Personal Branding for Dentists
Understand Branding and start building your Personal Brand

Lecture 9: How to write your Personal Elevator Pitch
Step-by-Step instruction to your own Elevator Pitch

Lecture 10: Personal Branding Secrets
Small tips on an action plan for your brand

Lecture 11: Be the Expert for your dental patients
How to specialize in certain patients and claim expertise

Section 4: About Marketing

Lecture 12: Why and how dentists should do Video Marketing How to structure your Videos to be successful

Lecture 13: Tips on how to handle media and press Be prepared for TV, Radio and Press

Lecture 14: How to stimulate referrals
Strategies to increase referrals and how to handle a “No”

Lecture 15: Patient Referral Script Step-by-Step
A possible script to follow when asking for referrals

Section 5: About the Sales Process

Lecture 16: 5 reasons patients don't buy your treatments
Know them and react to them. Improve your process.

Lecture 17: 5 mistakes dentists make when they try to sell treatments Avoid these mistakes by knowing them.

Lecture 18: A simple idea on how to handle objections Simple 3 Step idea, that is easy to implement.

Lecture 19: 3 reasons why patients buy your treatments
Know the reasons and how to take advantage of them.

Lecture 20: Start closing, don't sell your treatments
A “closer” uses the simple idea of “Value in Advance”

Lecture 21: Steps to improve your Sales Process
5 steps and how to improve the process.

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Learn the Dental Business tips of one of the most recognized dentists in his field

Dr. Gómez is a Spanish Dentist, DDS, MD and PhD from the University of Tübingen, Germany.

For the past 25 years, Dr. Gómez has been in tight contact with the dental industry. He worked in the headquarters of a big dental corporation for three years.

Dr. Gómez has held over 400 lectures, seminars and hands-on workshops in 42 different countries all over the world in the last 20 years, with many of them in Dental Business Management.

Dr. Gómez believes that Dental Business Management is a learnable skill that you can learn easily if you have the wellness to learn and practice.

After spending a few years in the most prestigious dental offices in Germany, Dr. Gomez finally moved back to his home country of Spain in 2004, where he runs his dental office in Valencia, focusing on Esthetic Dentistry and Implants.

What makes Dr. Gomez different from other trainers in dental business is that Spain is famous for being an extremely competitive environment to run a dental office as a business due to the legislation and the overflow of dental universities. Dr. Gómez managed to start off from scratch and successfully maintain his business, which is no easy feat. That really goes to show that he has many valuable lessons to teach you in this class.

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Needless to say, we dentists need to make a living. We have to stay on top of our game because we all desire to stay relevant as dentists.

"Dentists not only need to have a mindset of a doctor who wishes to give their patients beautiful smiles, they also need to think like entrepreneurs.

Being a dentist also means that you become an entrepreneur once you start your own clinic."

As such, you will need the knowledge on how to effectively run your clinic as both a doctor and entrepreneur. With our course, you will not only be an effective dentist, you will also become an incredible entrepreneur!

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